Your privacy matters!

Your Privacy

As a market research company which services corporate clients and government, we make sure that we live up to the market research ethics and code of conduct as defined by the Southern African Market Research Association (SAMRA). Participation is voluntary and we are committed to protecting your privacy. More information on our memberships and accreditation can be found here. You can opt-out of the panel at any time and all personal and contact details will be removed from our panel. Our core business is gathering research data and that is all we are interested in doing. Your contributions can help companies and goverment agencies make more informed decisions.

Our Promise

We promise you that we will under no condition share your personal or contact information with any third party or client. Clients receive data in an anonymous format where no record has any identifiable information. All data is stricktly used in house for data processing and administrative purposes.


If you have any questions regarding privacy, then please contact us via our contact page or email us at: